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So Nurburgring lap times don't mean anything to you because the 335 is a whopping 21 seconds slower?? I am sure it must be if the M3 was only 2 seconds quicker stock vs stock. Almost the case of envy and "grapes are sour". It is always considered the benchmark when measuring performance prowess since it is the most difficult race track in the world. Look at Porsche for 911, R35 GT-R by Nissan and other manufacturers always quoting Nurburgring laptimes to publicize and prove how good the performance is of their 911, GT-R or whatever.

Sorry, I have to call BS that based on your "butt dyno" your buddy's 335 with a couple of small mods without even a diff can outhandle a stock M3 that has a completely different suspension that shares almost nothing with the 335 and amazing diff with it that could not even be matched by a completely modded Dinan Stage 3 335 around a race track. Sorry!

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I dont need proof, ive driven both cars to the max around several different turns, AND the 335 can take them a little faster. I dont care about nurburgring, thats a stupid way of comparing cars, i dont buy my car off N times. A 330cizhp is much slower then a e46 buddy, trust me ive owned both of them. Not only that ive raced my buddies m several times with my zhp back in days. Only chance you ever have is first gear, then the m will start pulling hard.

I think you need to spend more time at e90post and get framilar with the mods to 335's. A dinan tune is considerely putting out much less power then a properly running jb3 and v3. There are tune only jb3's running 11's at very high 110 traps.

As far as sticky lol, the guy never raced a properly tuned 335 up to its 100 percent capabilities.