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Originally Posted by 330CIZHP View Post
Really?? You got any proof or you are just thinking it up?? Their stock to stock Nurburgring lap times are 8:05 vs 8:26. That is HUGE on the order of around 17 - 18 car lengths at the finish line! A 330 CI ZHP was not that much slower than an E46 M3. So I am not sure why you somehow downplay the difference between 335 and E92 M3.

So your buddy's 335 improved by 20+ seconds just with two small mods still without a diff??

As far as I know, a fully modded Dinan stage 3 (that comes with a diff) in a track comparison could not beat or equal the M3, you are saying your buddy's 335 without a diff is faster than a stage 3 Dinan tuned 335??
I dont need proof, ive driven both cars to the max around several different turns, AND the 335 can take them a little faster. I dont care about nurburgring, thats a stupid way of comparing cars, i dont buy my car off N times. A 330cizhp is much slower then a e46 buddy, trust me ive owned both of them. Not only that ive raced my buddies m several times with my zhp back in days. Only chance you ever have is first gear, then the m will start pulling hard.

I think you need to spend more time at e90post and get framilar with the mods to 335's. A dinan tune is considerely putting out much less power then a properly running jb3 and v3. There are tune only jb3's running 11's at very high 110 traps.

As far as sticky lol, the guy never raced a properly tuned 335 up to its 100 percent capabilities.