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Originally Posted by Hamann330 View Post
I am sure M3s are great! I am just saying the potential on 335 may be greater than M3 in terms of power and handling. (as you can chip the car and get 50+hp more, and a nice set of COs for handling). So if my assumption is right then why people choose M3 over 335?

However, I do agree nothing beats the sound of V8, I am sure M3 is great out of the box (basically no mods needed). But after I bought the S4, it is a great all year round car but the potenital for modding is just not there. You can invest on a set of downpipe for $2k+ and gain maybe 10hp. Not a very good dollar: power ratio. I have my eye set on the new M3 as my next car (summer only), and this is just part of the research I started to do.

Again, anyone's feed back is appreciated, goods or bads. Please do be reasonable though. I will go and test drive both some day when I am ready to buy~~ I just dont like to go kick tires when I am not ready for one.

I will chime in as I have had a tuned 335i and now on M3:

I had a 335i w/ KWV2 coilovers + RE-01R tires and now have an M3 w/ stock PS2

There are 3 main things to consider, here are my opinions on them...

1. Poise and stability: KWV2 by a small margin over the stock M3 with regards to rear-end poise and the ability to stabilize after being disturbed.

2. Handling limits: M3 hands down, I can hold more speed in a given corner/sweeper in the stock M3 over the 335i w/ coilovers and stickier tires. I attribute that to the LSD in the M3 and the different suspension geometry.

3. Understeer/Oversteer: 335i needs sway bars for neutral handling at the limits, and to where the M3 stock is VERY close to neutral.

You put the same coilovers and stickier tires on the M3 and you are now quite (and I mean QUITE) a bit ahead of the 335i in terms of overall handling.

As far as TQ, I am split on this one. On one hand I really miss the low-end TQ of the 335i especially w/ the TT I had in it, BUT it died out at about 6K. On the other hand, I do love the continuous TQ all the way up to redline in the M3.

Another factor is turbo lag, while minimal there is a lag in the 335i, no turbo car can replicate that instantaneous throttle response of a V8 N/A motor.
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