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Originally Posted by MikeG_C63_AMG View Post
Stop the spin buddy!!! I'm going to offer this response in away to maybe help your friend realize how "Out of touch" he is with the market.

1. The car is used with "average" options as reflected in the MSRP of the car.
2. The new leese would have to cough up $5950 + First Months payment (normal with any lease I know). $5950 in cap cost being that it will be cash (not trading in some old car ) is NOT A GOOD DEAL
3. The car's orginal lease was started with 4k on the clock which makes this a dealer demo aka destroyed by everyone including the young valets at the dealership.
4. Your buddy is allowed (10K Miles per year / 12 months in a year) = 833.33 Miles a month. His lease started in 2/25/09 (Even worse the car was a leftover) and its 4 months into the lease and he has 12100 on the clock minus his 4000 orginal miles = 8100 miles. Right now he should be at 3333 miles!!

Its clear to me your buddy was way in over his head when he signed this deal orginally. Just another example of the "Fire Sale" M3 deals dealerships were offering to move excessive inventory off the lot making the average Joe be able to stretch his finances and be able to drive a M3 which in my opinion is a shame. This car should be much more exclusive, we aren't talking a regular 3 series here. On the flip side you have people stretching to make a dream become a reality and own a great car they never thought they could afford. I guess good for them.
yea what he said!
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