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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Depends. If you are only worried about drag type take offs go the widest you can at the rear. If you are worried about handling, the understeer/oversteer tendency then you should scale the OEM sizes roughly in proportion in width.
Agreed, but I doubt the OP understands what he would be giving up in an attempt to gain straightline grip. A 285/30/19 tire would be 'sloppy' on a 9.5" rim, despite the fact that it fits per the manufactures spec sheet...

You pay a severe price penalty by moving from the 265/35 - 275/30 tires sizes to the 285/30 tires sizes. Since performance tires have a fairly short lifespan, this consumable item's price tag is important.

265/3519 & 275/30/19 average price range: $250-$360 per tire.

285/30 average price range: $380-$500+ per tire.

Not to mention that 285/30/19 tires are considered an 'odd ball' performance tire size, therefore you have limited selection and they are not always readily available to purchase. (constantly at low stock or backorder) Ask me how I know this...
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