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I am not sure, but the altitude could be a factor. Do remember Calgary is 2700 ft above sea level.

Another thing 'PencilGeek' mentioned in his dyno articles was airflow. If the S65 does not get proper airflow through fans, it cuts back power a lot.

My guess seeing other similarly modded M3s to be around 380 - 390 wheel hp.

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Hey Mike,
You are right had my car dyno'd last week and the numbers were not as high as I thought they would be. Definitely over estimated.
I do have the cat delete and I think the 4.10 diff really helps.

They are going to email me all the info and I will post their spreadsheet at that time. That said, the numbers were a little lower than expected,
355 hp and 260 tourque with 91 octane
We had two runs and only ran the car to 8100 rpm's.
I wish I ran my car when it was stock to see the difference.