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Originally Posted by stickypaws View Post
1) Camry gets better mileage under normal driving conditions

2) M3 gets poorer mileage under normal driving conditions

3) Camry handles better on tiny little wheels and skinny tires

4) M3 handles better on bigger big wheels and wider tires

5) Camry is built in the woods of Kentucky by people who drink a lot on weekends but designed by Japanese worker bees

6) M3 is built in the woods somewhere in Germany by nobody really knows and designed by descendants of Celtic Boii, Goths, and maybe some Rugians(?)

7) Camry is a bit slower under normal driving conditions

8) M3 is a bit faster under normal driving conditions

9) Camry means 'Crown' in Japanese.

10) M3 means 'M3' in German.

That's really about it. Both are worthy opponents.
WTF. Worthy opponents for what?