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Originally Posted by Boosted335 View Post
i would if greats have these problems...

such as kobe bryant who makes 25million a year plus triple if not 4 times more then that from endorsements..

or the great MJ...

kobe has been playing for 13 years i think hes made more then half a billion dollars so far on salary n endorsements..
Kobe Bryant is one of the few who made it. MJ...cut everything in half since he got the divorce from his wife. It's well known that he has gambling problems. He should be thankful that kids are still shelling out top dollar for Jordan shoes.

Everyone in the league want to be a billionaire entrepeniuer like Magic Johnson, who owns a chain of theaters in the hood, 24 Hr fitness gyms, and other franchises. But a few ever make it.

You have to understand that the majority of these players, now without a college degree, have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how the financial work. You give them millions on top of that and they look like lunch meat to financial sharks.

Look at Rip Hamilton, who's financial advisor USED to be his COACH from college. He's been using Rip's money on the low for his own leisure purposes.

And as mentioned in the article, former NBA great Vin Baker, dude used to be a beast, recently had to file his restaurant for bankruptcy.

See it from their eyes. You're in your 20s, you're rich and famous, your body is in great shape. You wanna party as much as you can and get groupies to pipe. You're surrounded by your homies, who become essentially your yes men. No one can tell you anything. You spend money, but it's OK because hey, you'll make more next year. Fast forward to retirement..what happens now?

This is assuming your career doesn't end with a career ending surgery...