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Originally Posted by TIMBO_M3 View Post
So I've been dealing with this problem ever since I ordered my car. At first their solution to the problem was to throw a Lojack membership at me. Which is good ($1500 value), but not the deterrant an alarm would be.

After more complaining....the dealership said they found a way to install an "aftermarket" alarm system which works with the same keyfob. They say it should give me all the same functions as the OEM alarm (shock sensor, audible tone for lock/unlock, hood/truck sensors, even the dome sensor in the car). They said the installer was someone who previously did the alarm installs before the OEM alarm became an option. So...all sounded good and I agreed for an appt on Mon (yesterday). And they threw in the Lojack for the life of the vehicle.

Yesterday, I dropped off my car in the morning....then at 4pm i get a call saying they can't install it cuz all the parts aren't there yet. WTF!? I get there and start complaining that they wasted my time in having me bring my car in just to have it sit on the lot for a whole day. Anyways....I finally talk to this guy who is doing the alarm install from "Custom Cellular" (sounds fishy) and he says he isn't even sure how to do this install yet and it will be "the first time doing it on an 09 M3 Coupe". i'm more concerned and kinda freaking car is now the guinnea pig for this alarm system install. I don't want them messing with my electrical system without knowing what they are doing!

Looking for help out there....has anyone else run into this problem and what are your dealerships trying to offer you instead? I personally want to give my car back and make them order me a new one. I can see this all turning out bad in the end.
You should give a call to this people and ask them about their 3-Series CAN adapter

That could be used (no personal experience) to add any aftermarket alarm to the car and still behave like OEM.