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Originally Posted by gonzo View Post
I would stick with private individual sales. That one I posted for example. The guy will probably be able to give you a good account of his time with the car, past owner(s), issues-if any and receipts...etc.. I am sure you know all that.

I have been peeking around at a 10K car to mess around with since my wish for a new 997 S is on the waaaay back burner for now.

Found a 944 Turbo with some professionally installed engine mods out in southern Cal. PCA member since...blah blah blah. Clean as hell 70K miles. $10,700. I like the styling of both the M3 and the 944 but this P car makes me want it more than another M3.
I've always wanted to turbo a 968 coupe....

But, yeah, OP, I have a scar on my middle finger knuckle from years back when my E36 M3's climate controls needed a love tap here and there to wake up from some sort of durrrr sleep mode. I loved the car while I had it, but too many little and annoying issues. Speakers, climate controls, OBC issues, window motors, water pumps (yes even the metal impellers fail), radiator, etc....

And that's not even mentioning that it is the only ///M3 without an ///M motor. I would only buy an E36 ///M again to turbo the shit out of it and strip it down to as little as possible.