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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
Hey great pics, thanks for sharing. My girlfriend and I were there that weekend too. Was it me, or was it damn hot that weekend? WTF? When I checked the weather prior to leaving LA it said Monterey was going to be 68 degrees. It felt like it was over 95 there. Oh well, fun race nonetheless so doesn't matter how hot.

Those M3s sure were pretty. And it was amazing how quickly Bell shot out into the a dominant lead.

We were there to cheer on my buddy Beau in the #128 NextGen Motorsport BMW. Unfortunately he was the first casualty of race, putting the BMW 330 he was driving face first into the wall coming out of turn 4. He was ok, just a bit sore and bummed.
68 my ass, I was melting. The coolest place was at the bottom of the corkscrew under the trees. Bell is very quick. Shame about your buddy. On what lap was he in the weeds? I don't remember seeing it, I may have been walking across from the hairpin to the corkscrew.
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