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Originally Posted by ROTORHEAD77 View Post
The Mustang is just FUGLY. One of the reasons, in my humble opinion, that the US auto makers have failed (save Ford), is the fact that they want to produce brand new cars that look old. Lets have some originality for a change.
+1. I just don't understand that retro crap mentality (Mustang, Challenger, Camaro). They're living in the past indeed.

If I was going to buy an American car, it'd be a Vette. Yes, it also has crappy build quality, but at least it's a modern looking car I wouldn't be embarrassed to drive.

That aside, depends what you want out of your car. I drove the GT500 out of curiosity. Once I was past the awfully crappy interior, I couldn't believe how hard the clutch was, and I'm no weakling; just ridiculously hard IMO. Shifter was balky as well. Solid axle. I don't like the looks one bit. In summary, I didn't like anything on that car. It could have had 1,000 HP for all I care; I wouldn't buy one even for $10K below MSRP. But for somebody who wants all-out performance on a straight line, I can see the value. At least a Vette has a much better interior and handles much better as well, for about the same coin. Good day gang.