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Originally Posted by sandwood View Post
I just had this installed today, with cats and resonators, stock mufflers. I briefly had an eisenmann race exhaust before. the race was much, much louder, deeper, smoother but also more boomy at low rpms.

the sound is just slightly louder at idle, barely noticeable. I can see why people use the word rasp, although I also think that's not quite the right word - I'd say it is more a guttural, mechanical bark under acceleration or deceleration, sort of a deep animal rasp for lack of a better way of putting it. at points it sounds pretty brutal. but you can definitely cruise with no drone and, at minimal throttle, it doesn't sound that different than stock. so it has something of a split personality. honestly, I don't think I've heard another exhaust sound quite like it.

having said that, mine is making a slight thht-thht-thht sound under load that doesn't sound right. I'm actually going to take my car back to the shop to double check for a leak or friction against something, maybe heat shielding, near the headers. it moves so much sound forward to the headers as compared to after-market mufflers or the stock system.

honestly, I can't imagine those of you getting this plus mufflers. do you people have no neighbors, no kids, no wife (no hearing)?

Didn't you get in on the special package from IND? You know the one where when you order the Eisenmann Race they thrown in a free set of Bose Noise Cancelling headphones for everyone on your block?