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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Definitely not the DCT M3 with it's select s5 mode, disengage DSC, hold level forward until chequered flag appears on display and then floor throttle pedal. Do all of that and the Jag will be half a mile up the road.

I know it's away from the main subject but seriously, BMW need to uncomplicated their LC setup.

Launch Control doesn't take that long, if you already have the M button set to S6 + DSC off you just hold the lever forward, floor it, release lever. It's not as long and tedious as people make it out to be. Not saying it's the best system out there but it's not bad either.

...about the XFR comments everyone quoted me on, I was just stating my opinions. We all have our own opinions, unless you've seen these two cars race in person (at the drag with times), or have raced against an XFR take the vids with a grain of salt.

If there's an XFR owner on the east coast that wants to disprove me, PM me. My car isn't stock but that shouldn't matter.

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