Thread: M3 6sp vs XFR
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I never liked these races from M5boards, even the ones with the M3 beating other cars. I would rather see a vid of both speedos at the bottom corners of the screen. You can easily make these races as fake as you want. Not saying they are, just saying I don't believe them. No times, no speedos, just video from a roll. Some of you disagree that mashing the gas from a stop isn't a real test, but I disagree. "factors out the driver", I can't count how many times people post "it comes down to the driver".

Anyways, I think the M3 would be able to hold it's own against the XFR from a stop. That's my opinion, hate it or love it.

Also remember you're comparing an NA car to a supercharged one. So performance-wise, I'm not impressed by the XFR. It does look nice though.