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Originally Posted by SoreHead View Post

Apparently you AMG drivers are very concerned though. Enough to make up sad stories about merc under quoting the bhp.

My point is that with cars that are so closely matched (IS-F & RS4 included) the chances are that the person to get the best launch is as likely as anyone else to get the better 1/4. I started out just stating what I'd found out about the cars but that didn't sit with the AMG heads on here. So by all means believe your conspiracy stories and you can discuss them while you're out UFO spotting The fact that I keep saying the person who gets the best launch seems clear to me at least that I don't think any one of them is any great amount faster then the others. Lets be honest. In 12 months time all of them will be 100bhp less than the normal cars of the day then. Long live the bhp race.

As for the other VS. The only one I've actually even mentioned the M3 begin quicker was to ISFail about the IS and I was more interested in seeing a review that had found the IS to be quicker as it was my first choice of car over here. That was just interest in seeing an actual article as the IS is in the "whoever gets the best launch" category for me. I didn't buy the M3 because I read it was faster than the IS. I bought it because they had sold the IS I was buying and couldn't match the spec for me in time then while buying an 328xi wagon for my wife I spotted my dark grey coupe and fell in love with it before I drove it.

If I was interested in real world performance then I would have chosen the M3 first as, in the real world, there are corners and no one can deny which of the competitors does that best.
I stated 507 as the USA figure. And that the E55/63 is a quicker car. I never went farther than that. Except to invite you for a real life test and meet other people with great cars. I posted the advantages and disadvantages of my very own cars.

What "conspiracy?" I'm talking real stuff here. Out in the world. Which you don't seem interested in, btw.

And of course, the M is a better handling car, I've stated that ad nauseum! And my Porsche is better handling car. Duh! Again, the question was simply: "WHICH IS QUICKER, M3 or E55?" That's it. And you go off into another world. You're a bit of an oddball.

Every one of your posts are the M3 vs whatever. You have an odd obsession. It almost appears that you are some 16 year old sitting at the computer with an empty garage. Do you have any real interest in your car besides how it compares? The history of the company, etc.? Its racing heritage? Or is it just one lease to the next?

Look, all I'm saying is GET OUT IN THE WORLD with your car. Join a club (BMW, e.g.) meet other owners of different cars, etc.. Ontario is the most populated province, there should be ample opportunities. Go to a track, talk to owners in real life. Learn your car first hand, instead of "falling in love with them before you drive them." (btw, for somebody so interested in stats, that's kind of a strange way to buy a car.)

Get off your butt, quit reading magazines, and drive the damn thing. Quit trying to figure out what to buy next while sitting around reading and quoting reviews. Or trying to convince yourself you made the right choice to begin with....

Get involved with the sport.