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Gentlemen - Thank you very much for the detailed information!

My wife is a German citizen, and she is also fluent in French. These two things should make a transition to France much easier for us, I hope. She is privately employed by a Finnish company that has sites all over the world. Her current work location is a site in Kentucky. She lives there for about half of the year, so we have a Kentucky address I can use to legally obtain a Kentucky driver's license. Kentucky has a reciprocal license agreement with France.

The site where my wife would most likely be based in France is in Haute Normandie, near Le Havre. I imagine it would be easier and somewhat less costly to own a car like the M3 in that region, as opposed to Īle-de-France. I am, however, very concerned about some of the items you mentioned - specifically, the high cost of insurance, and serviceability.

Again, I imagine that insurance costs for an M3 would be somewhat lower in Haute Normandie than in Īle-de-France; however, we anticipate that our income in France will be substantially lower than it is in the US, especially if I am not able to obtain work (my French is not very good).

Serviceability is of great concern. These cars are very complicated, and I would not wish to be left on my own to solve problems if BMW dealers refuse to work on a US-spec car.

It seems that when the time comes for us to relocate, I might be better off selling the M3 here in the US, then taking the proceeds from the sale and buying a lesser car in France or Belgium. Does that seem wise?

Thanks again for your help.