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Whats up boys- kay, so I got up off my ass and met with powertrip- I hope he doesn't mind me doing a "3rd party non-owner one hour" review? Nope? Good.

Its caused me to consider the different sounds that come out of cars. Deep gutteral rumble/High end howl/raw open engine. I'm sorry those aren't very technical, I'm an accountant not an engineer, douchebags

Examples: American V8/Lamborgini (sp?)/ALMS respectively- In my experience, most of the after market mufflers for the M3 add 'deep gutteral rumble'. Many supercars and exotics are mainly 'high end howl'. And this modification definately adds 'raw open engine'.

Whoever said it makes it deeper is silly. Unfortunately () I didn't have my car, but with stock mid section and aftermarket muffler my car was definately deeper and much fuller in the low end.

Raspy is maybe the wrong word. Raspy makes it sound wimpy. It's not wimpy, it sounds mechanical and harsh, very badash!

Also, and maybe I just can't remember what the stock sounds like, but it didn't make it ridiculously louder. A race muffler is louder than this. AND it absolutely removed drone ENTIRELY. If you want to eliminate drone, definately look into this...

In the end, it has definately proven this to be a formidable modification that is most likely, barring some sort of horrific account of malfunction, going to be my next addition...

Thanks powertrip! and thanks Fabspeed!

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