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Originally Posted by ISFail View Post
Interesting comments. According to the GM boys over at cadillacforums, they are having issues with reliability already including:

transmission failure, check engine lights, faulty shift modules, doors not closing, broken cooling lines, rattling wheels, loose 1/4 panels, navigation failure!
Looking around this forum, I've seen BMW owners who have had very similar issues with their cars. Isn't this a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

Originally Posted by ISFail View Post
And despite having a detuned ZR1 engine and putting down prodigious amounts of hp/tq......the new CTS-V is having problems breaking 12 seconds in the 1/4 mile, when even us IS-F and M3 owners are getting low 12's in stock trim.
All the major magazines have gotten great times out of the CTS-V (Motor Trend: 12.3/C & D: 12.2/R & T: 12.2/Edmunds: 12.4). If owners are having trouble breaking the 12 second barrier in the 1/4, I suspect that it has to do more with the driver than it does with the car.

P.S. I have never seen the M3 or IS-F get low 12's consistently in the instrumented tests from various magazines.

Originally Posted by ISFail View Post
The CTS-V was made specifically to challenge the M5 a car that has been in production for six years now, and rumor has it that the new M5/6 will be a twin turbo making 600 hp so cadillac will have the edge what, one year? And who in their right mind would buy a car from a company that is bankrupt and selling off divisions of their company like Mikey selling lemonade on the local street corner!
I sure would, as Cadillac is very much a part of GM's future (if you bothered to read, you would have known this already). As for the new M5 having 600 hp, you yourself have stated that this is pretty much the same setup as the ZR1, and how much power does it make again?

You could have saved yourself the trouble by saying "I don't like Cadillac/CTS/American car makes" or whatever. While I wouldn't agree with your sentiments, it's a lot better than spewing propoganda like you've done above.

One last note, I'm sure there are a lot of people out there that would rather buy from a bankrupt automotive giant here in the U.S. than to buy a car from a company where the controlling stockholders is a family that had ties to the Nazi party, and supplied weapons to them during WWII.