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Notchy 2nd and 3rd gear

I bought a 2004 M3 with 67600 miles manual transmission. It has CPO and extended maintenance program, in great shape.

I feel that when switching from 1st to 2nd gear and sometimes form 2nd to 3rd the shifting is notchy. This only happens if you shift at higher RPMs > 4000. If I wait and keep the clutch engaged for a little longer before releasing it then shifting is smooth (till RPM drops a little).

I took it to the BMW dealer and the techie said I'll need a clutch in 10000-14000 miles. I should replace the tranny fluid for now. And when it gets worse I should replace the clutch. It should be covered by maintenance plan as far as I know. I tried testing if the clutch is slipping and it's not. Simply I put hand brake on, put car in 4th gear and tried to move it. The engine stalled. This is method I got on to test if the clutch is slipping. Is this right?

I took the car to another teachie at Bavrian shop, he thought it was the transmission and something wrong with the synchros.

Any ideas? If it were the clutch, should I also replace the flywheel or resurface it? Flywheel is not covered and have to pay for it.