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Your car is still German but with US Specs. So you don't need any emission documents or whatsoever. They will remeasure the car upon arrival.
I got 315kW or 420HP (428PS) and 350 CO2, while BMW claims 309kW 0r 414HP (420PS) and 295CO2.
Not sure how the different countries in the EU deal with imports. However, Holland claimed to be very difficult, and yet it was easy to import the car.
Key points:
1. you must own and used the car for 183 days prior to exporting from the US.
2. you must use the car in the same manor as you did before in the US.
3. best is to use only privately (not for business).
Then you need to fill in some Relocation Customs papers in order the be tax exempt from all your all goods, not just the car.
Lastly, have the car prepared for EU traffic law:
- orange front leds should be off (only for turn signals allowed)
- fog lights and switch (only with rear fogs button)

That's all I can think of right now. Also EU (federal) law is higher than French (state) law, so not to worry about France being 'hard' to import.

Also I hope your French is good for filling out those French tax forms...

Originally Posted by Grey Space View Post
We're considering a move to France to further my wife's career. My reading indicates that even though my car was built in Germany, France considers it a "US-made" car since it was exported out of the EU to the US. I've been told that the French are even more particular about technical requirements than even other EU countries are when it comes to importing a non-EU car.

I know some members have imported their US-spec cars to other EU countries, but has anyone imported their car to France? If so, what did it take to meet French requirements? Is it even worth it to try?

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