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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Seems like they reset your computer; they shouldn't have done that. But as Sg said, it's pretty much at 15K miles or one year, whichever comes first. If you get to 15K before the year (when THEY did the oil change), talk to the service advisor and tell him you're at 15K miles since your last scheduled visit, and they should change it. Good luck.

Actually, they are supposed to reset the oil service indicator at the run-in service. If they did not, the yellow or red service due lights would stay on. After it is reset at 1200 miles, the counter resets to 15K and starts to count down. So, next service (in theory) would be due around 16,200 miles. Probably less in an M3 that gets driven like it is supposed to.

To the OP, you will have to wait until it has been 1 year since the 1200 service was performed, or the service indicator gets below 1000 miles. Go into "info sources" in the i-drive menu and check service info. It will tell you how many miles until oil service is due. If you don't have i-drive, it will be in the turn signal stalk menu.

And to answer your question, no, they cannot perform the service ahead of schedule because BMW will not reimburse them if they do so. Technically, you are supposed to get the oil service when the indicator reads "0", but they can do it if you are at "1000" or below.

What does the indicator read right now?