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Originally Posted by stickypaws View Post
If you honestly believe this last part of your statement, then what's the point of insulting owners of AMGs? It appears to be a disingenuous way to emphasize your own personal preference in automobiles.

Think about it.
I wasn't. I answered the original question about the E55 merc using facts and figures supplied by Merc themselves. It's an M3 forum no Merc so I feel it's okk to give an honest opinion which I did. If I was lurking on a merc forum I might have worded it more softly but I'm not so there ya go.

I didn't insult Merc owners. I stated things and got insulted for my statements by people that seem to think Merc have some conspiracy out to hide the fact that the E55 has more bhp then they claim. I think that's utter drivel and still do so I said it. I only threw insults back. I didn't start them. In fact it all started very light heatedly until the most recent posts where I was being called ignorant and fanboy etc etc.

I stand by what I said though. Buy what you want to buy and enjoy it. Who gives a shit what someone else thinks about your car? You bought it for reasons and that's all that should matter. However, if you give your opinion you should be prepared to take someone elses opinion on board.

Claiming you know the crank bhp of a car by dynoing is still nonsense. You CANNOT measure crank bhp without putting the engine on a table and dynoing it there directly. That's a fact. Saying that Merc claimed the E55 had 469bhp to sell more of another model is, IN MY OPINION, nonsense. They want to sell one car as much as the next. They're not even the in same market sectors. If they say it has 469 then I believe them. Why wouldn't I? I said that and apparently I'm Uninformed, have destroyed my credibility on here and anyone that has claimed to have out dragged an E55 is lying.

It's still an M3 forum. It's just been hijacked by Merc drivers who only want to hear what they want to hear. Even Merc themselves are lying for God's sake.

So as long as this is an M3 forum I will continue to voice my opinions. I suggest that owners of other makes either accept that or head off back to their own forums.

If you want me to start really insulting another car just mention the CTS