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Originally Posted by lebreeze View Post
Yea the one I was looking at was a vert. I should have mentioned. My mom has a 04 clk 500 that she rarely drives. It has only 27000 kms. So I was thinking of trading thats for the 08 clk 63 and paying the difference. They are asking 80 grand for the car it has 2000 kms. This is in Canadian. The mrsp on the car was 117000. Obviously there are a bunch of other AMGs I would rather have but my moms got to drive it sometime and even the sl 500 or cl 500 is like a extra 40 grand.
Hey lebreeze which merc dealer are you dealing with?

Is this MB Vancouver out west selling the clk63?

I think you should for that price get yourself in the 2005 CL65 they have with about 40,000KM and they are asking $90K which orginally had a msrp of $260K, and with 604hp and 738lbft torque.....what m3? what clk?....i dont understand what your saying

You will be the daddy of them all....65AMG series car are very rare and extremely exciting

I had a 2004 SL600 that I regret selling now....considering it gave me goosebumps when i put my foot down in it! and i didnt even get a chance to do any renntech upgrades

Also look at the renntech upgrades you can do to that CL65 and get it faster then any merc for that matter more power then the SLR Maclaren!

I think I made this post a little longer then it should, so im gonna take a chill pill and relax