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Originally Posted by SoreHead View Post
I have no more interest than that to do any research and have no desire to drive an dull looking, old mans car with a big engine and an auto box. If I wanted to go fast in a straight line I'd pay pennies for an old american car and do it. I wouldn't spend merc money. However, I like to go round corners too. If I wanted to drive an auto I'd buy an IS-F which at least looks interesting. There are many cheaper, better looking ways of going fast in a straight line then buying an AMG. Whatever floats your boat though. Buy whatever turns you on and enjoy it as I keep saying. I'll still reserve the right to have my own taste and speak my mind in a discussion. I don't care who likes my choices in cars. I like them and that's what matters.
If you honestly believe this last part of your statement, then what's the point of insulting owners of AMGs? It appears to be a disingenuous way to emphasize your own personal preference in automobiles.

Think about it.