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service questions?

BMW took care of 1200 mile service no problem.... my question is... when is the next schedule service... I'm sitting at 11,000 plus miles and i figured to set up a oil change service. I took my car the the dealership and he stated the car is not ready for service? He told me each car runs differently and is schedule to come in for oil change base on how hard we drive it and the oil status... this is crazy... also he told me he just service another M-3 at 18000 miles....

My question agian is.... when is the BMW factory warrentee regualer schedule maintiance? what is the mile breakdown? for free services?

On top of that... just for me maintaining my car... I actually took the car in at 5400 miles and paid 200 plus dallors for a supplenment oil change cuase i thouhgt waiting till 10,000 miles is crazy... now... they state they cant change my oil becuase the computer says its not rdy?

help... any facts or rules or warrantees that bmw makes there dealers obey too in regards to maintiance?