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Originally Posted by MikeG_C63_AMG View Post
AGAIN you are uninformed on the W211 AMG. Your knowledge on the car is evident of someone who did a few skims of articles on Car And Driver / Motortrend. Have you even driven a W211 E55 AMG? I have. Have you ever thoroughly searched and read multiple threads from actual enthusiast who own the car and report there feedback on performance/problems/modifications. I have. With that being said, the reasons I gave for the E55 allegedly losing are all valid and consistent.
Actually I didn't do any more than do a quick search and quote bhp figures as quoted by different sources from different countries to demonstrate that the actual bhp figure as quoted by Merc themselves is the same in different areas. Dyno runs DO NOT SHOW CRANK BHP. They can't. That's a fact so quoting crank bhp from dyno runs is nonsense plain and simple. I merely quoted bhp figures from the manufacturer of the car.

My credibility on here should only be affected if I sell my car and not by me quoting facts and figures from another manufacturer. Course I could also go the route of claiming that BMW have a big conspiracy going and the car actually has 900bhp but they don't want to say that because it would steal sales from the M5/M6.

I have no more interest than that to do any research and have no desire to drive an dull looking, old mans car with a big engine and an auto box. If I wanted to go fast in a straight line I'd pay pennies for an old american car and do it. I wouldn't spend merc money. However, I like to go round corners too. If I wanted to drive an auto I'd buy an IS-F which at least looks interesting. There are many cheaper, better looking ways of going fast in a straight line then buying an AMG. Whatever floats your boat though. Buy whatever turns you on and enjoy it as I keep saying. I'll still reserve the right to have my own taste and speak my mind in a discussion. I don't care who likes my choices in cars. I like them and that's what matters. Not like a lot of people on here. Again, it is an M3 site. You will get bias towards M3's. If you wanted to find people that like mercs I would suggest a merc site.

Do you honestly believe that mvagusta is lying? Don't you think the start is going to be as important?? If he got a better start there is every chance he would beat the E55. I quoted facts from Car and Driver but obviously it's only the facts that agree with your idea that count. Nothing I can do about that.

I believe that in most cases the C63 will definitely out drag an M3 but the E55 is too close to say the same thing. I think it's going to be down to driver and launch.

We will just have to agree to disagree and then we'll all be happier