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Originally Posted by ruff View Post

Touche. Never fails. When a car outperforms the M3, its the tired old American or Japanese lack of quality lame-o argument to justify their blind devotion to their roundel getting spanked on the back roads and at the track at a bargain basement price.
Or maybe it's possible for people not to like the car????

This is my first BMW so I'm definitely not a fanboy. I moved to Canada with the intention of buying a Z06 but when I sat in one I couldn't believe how shit it was. The engine couldn't make up for the cesspit I was going to have to sit in every day so I went with the M3 (despite hating BMW's all my life).

The CTS is butt ugly outside and in IMO. I'm allowed to have that opinion despite it not agreeing with yours and it doesn't make me a fanboy. I think the X6 is possibly one of the worst looking cars produced and that's a BMW. When it comes time for my next car the M3 won't be top of my list.

I suggest you go to a CTS site if you want to be guaranteed of people singing your cars praises.

Fact is you don't have to a fanboy to think another car is fuck ugly and with the CTS that's the case. It could be the best car in the world to drive (yeh right) but unless you drive with a blindfold on forget it.