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Originally Posted by GatorBlue371 View Post

GTR may be crap, but its crap which could beat up on the Grand touring car which is the M3.

Hell the only 'real' M car anymore is the outgoing Z4M.

The 'M' badge has become as watered down as the AMG badge.

The new Caddy CTS-V coupe should be another nail in the eye for the M3 whenever it comes out... but hey its not a bimmer so it wont be nearly as good.

Fair enough, but I think the outgoing Z4 M needs 100BHP extra plus a better/newer chassis setup (too much traction which means too much understeer in my book)and needs to get rid of some kilograms as well(drive the Z4 3.0Si and you know what I mean) Also I think the elephant /boat E9x M3 outruns that Z4M on almost any track by a few seconds per lap...
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