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Originally Posted by jackolo View Post
I was hear about "officer Safety" as well. Another reason I hear is that it's a safety issue for yourself as well. If you can't open your door and need to kick out the window, it's much more difficult, also if the window breaks and instead of shattering, it's one larger piece, it's supposedly more dangerous... or so I've heard. I don't know if it's true but that's another reason that I've heard... then again, your front windshield isn't supposed to shatter either... nevermind.
not sure about the shattering part, coz' they do allow tint in the rear windows, just not the front. i guess i can buy into the police safety issue, as well as visibility (i wear in my friend's limo tint car i couldn't see very clearly). but at the same time i also think it has become a revenue generator in some sense