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Originally Posted by 1989baby View Post
I tried searching the forum. I tried google and nothing so I was wondering.

Why is tint illegal in California? I mean I would think if it was such a big deal it would be illegal in every state...
does anyone know the actual reason for the tint law? the only thing I've heard were opinions.
there is no real reason. the simple fact is that police want to control their people. it probably started off as a law that seemed reasonable at the time, but has now become pointlessly strict. what a police officer or lawmaker would likely say is that the driver should be visible at all times while operating his/her vehicle. its an outright joke because many cop cars and law enforcement vehicles have the heaviest tint on the road. just another example of hypocrisy. my personal problem with the law is the method by which it is enforced (especially in CA). it is also troublesome because the law is unreasonable. there are plenty of reasonable levels of tint out there that still leave the driver reason to ban it altogether.

maybe some cops can chime in.