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I had the opportunity to drive a new CTS-V at a recent GM event in Arizona. Basically, they throw you the keys, give you a map of interesting roads in the area and off you go.

I have owned two M3's and currently drive a 335 so I am admittedly biased to BMW. With a close minded approach I spent about an hour flogging the CTS-V in 100 degree temps and left with a different opinion. The car has ferocious acceleration, handles on rails and is an absolute blast to drive. It is very docile when loping along, rides comfortably and the interior is interesting in a good way. A Vette with four seats and a better interior works for me.

Some of the plastics are not up to snuff, the exterior looks are love/hate and it did not make me feel like a better driver that some BMW's seem to excel at. I also admittedly fall for the pedigree and history of the M's which adds to the excitement of ownership.

I guess this brute won me over with its stellar performance and obvious grins per dollar factor. Having driven two new M3's and an M5 I can say with confidence that the V would beat them up in most everyday situations. With that said, the BMW's offer a balanced experience that few manufacturers (if any) can replicate. It would be a tough decision for me if it were time to choose another vehicle.

Give the V a run if you can; you will probably walk away with a great deal more respect.