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Fabspeed X-Pipe DIY Install

The installation is pretty straight forward. I tried to take as many pics as I could of the installation process. So if you're looking for a project this is a fairly easy one, but it is time consuming if you don't have a lift. On a scale of 1-10 I would rate this at a 5.5 for difficulty. Nothing really technical here and no special tools required. But it's not easy to work under this car with only a set of jack stands. Your physical movement is greatly limited due a very small amount of space to work in.

The pipe is really a nice product. Everything fit together perfect. Aside from one small adjustment with a file inside the passenger side flange for the HFC. You can see in the pic below there was a small bump that needed filing. Once I took care of that the installation was just straight forward bolt up. The most time consuming part is taking all the skid plate, heats shields and front felt pieces down and reinstalling them.

Important to note that you need a soft mallet. This is used to bend up the heat shield that lies just above the drivers side HFC. There is nothing behind it so it's ok to bend it up a bit. If you don't do this step the HFC will rest against the heat shield and you will hear it vibrate while driving.

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