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Originally Posted by shchow View Post
Funny, when the current generation 5 series first came out, I thought it was hideous and wouldn't be caught dead in it...
Even funnier is that I thought the new 3series, M included, was clownish. How much larger can BMW make a 3 series?....big enough to warrant a 1 series, that's still a fkucing pig.

BMWfanboys bashing the CTSV for being too ugly? Guess that's what happens when you've nothing else to say after a car like that skull-fkucs your brain out your ears.

I owned an '05 CTS-V...absolutely loved the "idea" of the car...a 4door Vette with a manual tranny and the lovely LS6 motor. Mod that car, like all you guys mod your everyone mods their cars, and the performance is unreal. Fantastic brakes, fantastic handling (yep it was quite impressive with stiffer springs/bushings). But it broke diffs, leaked out the tranny and the drivetrain clunked....enough that I lemon-lawed the car.

My current '08 M3, with manual tranny, is what that car wanted to be. A powerful, well handling coupe/sedan that works as well going to work with a suit on as it does showing up at a track-day. Go to a wedding or an autox and it's all business. I really think the E9X M3 is the best car I've ever owned. But it's big, heavy, a little "too luxury"...and the brakes are a little low-end for such an expensive car. It's become what the M5 should be...and the 1series should really be the 3series.

The new is a monster. Do the usual mods, that everyone does to all their cars that are boosted, and you add significant HP. Enough that the new M5 will still be an overpriced pig-heavy executive-status symbol that can't compete on the Ring. Yep...I said it...the Ring. If the current M5 was so good, it'd be able to compete on the Ring but it can't...too fkucing big and out dikced by the V. The new one is still going to be too amount of power will help that. Meh...the 5series is disgusting...M5 looks like an old man's car.

I wouldn't buy the V as my track car, I'd buy it for my daily driver...pull in to work with all the AMGpussies and BMWfanboys who've never done anything other than "highway pulls" and take them on client calls...the long way with the twisties...and make them piss their pants of their $1000 suits (yeah, plastic on the passenger seats may cause some concern for them).
Yep...basic mods on that car will yield over 600hp and more than DOUBLE the torque of my current M3. 600hp...manual for the family...and faster than the M5 around the Ring...OUCH!!!!

Did that help even out the BMW>CTS-V sentiment?...

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