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Before I bought my M3, I was really out and about trying any random car that might peek my interest. Did anyone else have issues getting reasonable service from the sales department of these GM/Cadillac dealers? I don't want to be harassed by sales but I felt lucky just to get a hello or head nod. It's not like I showed up dressed as a hobo or pulled up in a VW Sirocco. This is business attire and Porsche or Jaguar and I couldn't even get a "Good Afternoon". Anyhow... that's just my rant...

When Cadillac released the new CTS, I was very interested. I actually really liked the stying cues. So "Pimp".The interior left something to be desired but was a vast improvement. If BMW was a 6 or 7, the Cadillac was just a step below in my eyes. They got the general idea right and had good intentions, but were still lacking the finer points.

I wish I could comment on the ride but I couldn't even get a brochure. I'd be happy to swap cars with a CTS-V owner for a lap or two.