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Originally Posted by rapistwit View Post
It perfectly fair to pit it against the M5. All I'm saying is there's not much to gloat about when you barely beat a 5 year old car.
Sure you can, when the car costs $28-30k less!

The CTS-V is cheaper than e39 M5.
Think about that, you can get the CTS-V that beats the current M5 (though only by a bit to be sure) for less money than what someone had to pay for a new M5 9 years ago!!!

Or, you could look at it in these terms:
The 2009 CTS-V is $2000 cheaper than the BMW 550i (and that's just the BASE price).
The BMW 550i loaded up can be like $7-8k more than the CTS-V.
Now lets be honest, if you were looking at spending $65k on a car, would you rather have a moderately equipped BMW 550i that will get it's butt kicked by a 335i in any performance category you choose, or have a pretty loaded CTS-V that will completely embarrass it's equally priced 550i, and still edge out the M5 as well.
Makes the CTS-V pretty desirable if you ask me, even if you have to give up a bit of interior quality.

I think that's a pretty good achievement personally, even if it's interior is not Audi perfect.

BTW, I was just behind a new CTS-V literally 30 minutes ago.
I think it looks pretty bad-@ss.
Just wish it was 10% smaller in size (like the old CTS-V size).
I'll be really happy when car manufacturers STOP making each new model bigger and bigger. I've asked for that to stop for years now. Thankfully I think that time has come, with stricter EPA fuel economy regs they are bound to start decreasing in size now.

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