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Originally Posted by mvagusta View Post
I don't know what the problem is.. I raced a E55 AMG. I beat it twice.. I know a friend from a friend that has a silver e 55 amg 2006 or 07. I'll race him this weekend. I'll take his money too.. He raced the same e 55 with Dr's that i beat by two car lengths and he lost by a car to him. So if you guys want to come to Detrtiot and show me a stock e 55 amg from Cali. Come on by.. I know m3's are underestimated..
The only way this story is true is if your run took place on another planet, or in your dreams when you were sleeping. In reality on this planet Earth your scenario only exists if the E55...

1) Has bald tires and spinned all of 1st and 2nd gear.
2) Has mechanical failure example IC Pump Fail.
3) Driver was drastically in the wrong gear from the start of the run.