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We generally keep our Porter Cable D/A's humming at the 5-6 speed for a more intense, even application.

A couple of years ago when I personally took care of Barry Meguiar's (Meguiar's) personal and corporate vehicles I met a very interesting gentleman who taught me alot of little tricks with paint repair...

He was the paint consultant for Meguiar's at the BMW factory's, and the one suggestion the he gave me was as follows......

When applying your products with a D/A use a figure 8 motion so that your application will help apply the product in a more thorough fashion. With this method you will pass over the area being polished between 1.5 - 2 times, and it will help to eliminate even more of the fine hairline scratches or buffer trails.......

Over the years I have incorporated this method into our technique and you can definately see the results on our customers vehicles.........

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