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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
A lot of work since the body panels are 3 different materials requiring 3 different processes. The materials are steel, aluminum and plastic!

I'd be willing to be it is illegal in the US to have such a car. It could be blinding under many conditions to other motorists.
Actually, there is nothing illegal about it in any U.S. state to my knowledge.

As an interesting aside, a niche manufacturer by the name of Kirkham Motorsports builds all aluminum Shelby Cobras that are very faithful reproductions of the originals built in aluminum by AC in the UK in the 60's. They also supply aluminum bodies to Shelby today. Some owners choose to highly polish those such as in the picture below.

Note the difference in polishing in the "meatball" on the door, which is still a brushed finish, but it's a solid piece of aluminum.
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