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Originally Posted by Julius@WheelSTO View Post
+1 we always recommend our customer to do research on the products that they purchase. we try our best to sell product that we feel are of the highest value (not jut hp but calculated in satisfaction as well)

I don't know if anyone can equate putting an air scoop on to added HP on a dyno, but many customers seem to be very happy with this Mod.

Not too sure if it is the pride on putting on a set of these on your baby by yourself or seeing the hint of red behind the grilles or the thought of sensing more power on your "butt" dyno.

but at about $100, this happiness and pride gained from a mod on your car, may be worth every penny or even priceless!
Very clever. I agree with you in part. Modding just for the sake of modding can be fun and rewarding but that should be restricted to cosmetic modding. Do you think you could really sell a single one of these if you advertised that they made +2 hp and might interfere with proper cooling. That point has been alluded to even by RPI themselves.