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Originally Posted by Driver72 View Post
Well what do you want them to do, pit it against a car that isn't made yet? Or would you rather them just never have comparos with new cars?

When the new M5 comes out they'll "rematch" it against the CTS-V and it'll be a new story then. But in the meantime, it doesn't take a genius to know that they can only pit a new car against a competitors current offerings.

No need to get butt hurt by it either.
Personally I'd take the CTS-V over the 09 M5 and save the $28-30k
Simply add a pulley and tune (probably for less than $3k to the CTS-V) and then will probably out accelerate the next version M5 too.
Then with the $25k left over, put that as a nice down payment on a little roadster or something.

M5 is a great car, but personally I think it's $8-10k overpriced, especially now.

It perfectly fair to pit it against the M5. All I'm saying is there's not much to gloat about when you barely beat a 5 year old car.
It would have been like comparing the newest RS4, right when it was introduced, against an E46 M3 since the Audi arrived almost a year before the newest M3.