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Originally Posted by Jesal@Project 808 View Post
Its currently the fastest production sedan to lap the nurburgring.

So i will give credit where its due. I think they did a great job on it, including the interior.

Plus with cars like these will only make BMW work harder to stay on top. A little competition never hurts.
As a car enthusiast, I don't jump on bandwagons or play the fanboy cheering sections. I'm also not a name badge whore.
How could a true car enthusiast ever?

Just think if even a guy like Jay Leno was a little badge whore fanboy like so many people are, he'd own just one or two brands of cars.
The man is a TRUE car enthusiast and loves all kinds of cars for what they are and respects them for what they are and what each can do.

This "all hail the ///M badge" stuff and all else stinks (no matter how good it really is) mentality is so funny.