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Originally Posted by radix View Post
The PFT is centered around three mile run time, crunches, and dead hang pullups. To get a perfect score you need do the three miles in 18:00, 100 crunches in two minutes, and 20 dead hang pullups. You get scored from 0-100 on each test. A perfect PFT score is 300. Focus on those things above all else, because while the rest of the training may be more intensive than an actual PFT, it's the PFT scores that are important and will stick with you.

As for the rest of the training, just be in the best shape you can get yourself in. Things you may expect to do are:

1. Long humps (10-25 miles) with ~70-80lbs of gear on. Most of these will be done in what's known as "route step" which is a very fast walking pace, almost a run. Hiking will help prepare for this.

2. A swim test. You have to take a swim qual test which will include pulling someone through the water, so get your swimming skills up to speed, particularly side stroke for this portion of the test.

3. Running. Lots of running, sometimes with equipment on.

4. Lots of calisthenics. I might prepare myself for these by doing both calisthenics and circuit training at the gym. Super-setting 4x exercises might also help. Run before you lift weights so your heart rate is already up.

5. Practice lifting stupid crap and holding it out in front of you for extended periods of time. E.g. fill a backpack with books, and hold it out in front of you for as long as you can. Repeat.

That covers most of it. You really can't prepare for most of the other stuff, other than to lift weights and run a lot. Good luck.
Most of this I understand, I'm a prior service Army that might be making the switch. I am looking for a gym or outdoor workout that I can tackle to prepare my self. The rucks ain't no thang, been there done that... I am looking for ways to prepare in regiments, what exercises I can do with stuff that is easy to find and things to knock out and set myself up for so that I can prevent injury, I can do a lot of push ups, sit ups are what I'm used to in the Army and if anything I'd like to think crunches are easier than having fingers interlocked in the back of your head and the pullups, I can do them but I have never actually was graded. The running I have done (3 miles) but was never tested PFT style. I am looking for something I can take to the gym with me, what days are what, what to do, how much/many reps etc. For the most part I understand that it would be a huge mess of smoke session and fuck fuck games where you don't actually do counted reps, I've been on the Private side of things.
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