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Originally Posted by CantDrv55 View Post
It's still a GM. Have you sat in one? Horrid finish, cheap feeling interior, but hey, as long as it's fast.
Then there is the whole service dept thing, having been to gm and bmw service depts, bmw wins hands down. They actually treat you like a person, whereas gm always acted like they're doing you a favor by servicing your car.
Little bit of a difference between a normal GM service department and Cadillac's
Cadillac's have historically been owned by middle aged and older folk.
They are not the demographics to be treated like crap by service people and continue buying their cars.
Cadillac has made big strides in the past 5-6 years.
Celebrities and even psudeo-celebrities and well off rich folk by Cadillac Escalades in droves.
You think a young diva, or rapper, or sport athlete driving an scalde is going to accept crappy dealer treatment?
True the big stars with Escalades will have "people" to service the cars, but many, many more that don't make millions but still make very good livings don't have assistants to do that, they take their cars in themselves.

As for interiors, hate to say it, but BMW ain't no Audi. Can't really be hating on Cadillac's interiors when BMW's own isn't anything special.