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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Good info, thanks. I do see a huge contradiction here though. Precipitation is plating not painting. It may not be the common electroplating but it is a form of plating. Painting is done with brush or nozzle and pressurized gas using a liquid paint (well that's my working definition at least)
They do pressurize it, they use a 3 or 4 stage setup. They generally spray the silver nitrate containing solution onto the part until it literally runs off. Then they spray on the solution that leads to the precipation, and you can watch the silver literally "appear" as you spray the second component.

Plating implies an electrochemical process or vacuum deposition. Painting can be applied in dozens of different ways; dip coating, flow coating, roll coating, spin coating, knife coating, electrodeposition, spray coating (HVLP, airless, air-assisted airless, conventional), powder coating, etc...

The Alsa Corp process is 4 step process as I understand the patent. Apply a basecoat of paint, the silver nitrate then reactant solution, clear topcoat. Finding the right basecoat that will accept the precipitant and clearcoat that doesn't lead to wrinkling/orange peel are the key to their system.

There are some interesting vids on their website showing the application: