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Originally Posted by nadaclue View Post
As I said before, it's "chrome" paint.

As a research scientist in the coatings industry, I can guarantee that Alsa corp can paint it and make it indistinguishable from chrome.

Here's a slideshow showing the patented Alsa system on Dereiter's website, along with a chrome sportbike.

Alsa corp uses a brilliant technology, just look at the Gallardo they "chromed" and look on YouTube for more examples of their work.

I don't work for them, but from one chemist to another I highly respect them and their technology.

And the patent for those interested: Relatively simple for those who paid attention in highschool or college chemistry. Precipitation of silver nitrate onto a substrate and then subsequently clearcoated. The silver nitrate precipation was how they use to make mirrors, or how they mirror the inside of vases, christmas ornaments, etc. The trick was getting it to adhere to the outside of a surface and then protect it. If done properly, it's gonna be a mirror finish.
Good info, thanks. I do see a huge contradiction here though. Precipitation is plating not painting. It may not be the common electroplating but it is a form of plating. Painting is done with brush or nozzle and pressurized gas using a liquid paint (well that's my working definition at least)