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Romanian village wants to sue 'Borat'

GLOD, Romania, Nov. 11 (UPI) -- The Romanian village that stands in for the fictional Borat's fictional hometown in Kazakhstan wants to take the real comedian Sacha Baron Cohen to court.

Residents of Glod, a poor hamlet in the Carpathian Mountains, told the (London) Daily Mail they thought Baron Cohen and his crew were making a documentary. They only found out recently that it was a fake documentary -- and a major box-office hit.

The villagers say Baron Cohen was "a bit weird and ugly" although friendly. They did not realize that Glod in the movie would be portrayed as incest-ridden and full of rapists and prostitutes.

Nicu Tudorache, a one-armed grandfather, was depicted in the film with a sex-toy prosthesis. He says he did not realize at the time what it was.

"Our region is very poor, and everyone is trying hard to get out of this misery," he told the Daily Mail. "It is outrageous to exploit people's misfortune like this to laugh at them."

The residents of Glod are not the only ones threatening Baron Cohen with legal action. Two U.S. college students claim the filmmakers got them drunk and told them that the movie -- the No. 1 hit in the United States on its opening weekend -- would not be shown there.