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So I went Saturday morning. Overall, I enjoyed the M3 but felt it was much less connected and engaging to drive than my M coupe. And unlike SunnyD, I did not think it felt significantly faster. The power IS much more accessible though, but that's to be expected from a big V8. The S54 makes you work a little more for the power, but I like that. Keeping with the "lazy" theme was the DCT. It was very effective, shifts were always perfectly executed, but I felt it took a lot away from the driving experience. The high seating position really bugged me too - I had it adjusted as low as it would go and I still felt too high in the car. EDC was fun to play with; the suspension and handling were impressive for its size and weight, but the designated route didn't provide any opportunities to really test it properly.

Overall it's a great car, but not for me.

As for the X5/6 Ms they had on hand... They just looked totally out of place lined up with all the other M cars. I couldn't have rolled my eyes any harder when the M marketing guy was giving his spiel on "the M philosophy" and how not all BMW models are "worthy" of the M treatment, like it's some sacred thing. Then he leads right into talking about the development of the X5/6 M, as if he isn't insulting our intelligence. Really? Those 2 obese, mall terrain vehicles are more "M-worthy" than a 1 series? Or the new Z4? Riiight.