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Originally Posted by Atny286 View Post
Now they have changed the software to Dutch/EU version (all warnings are in Dutch now) to update Dutch software. Not sure if I like this Dutch version, as some words are easier in English for me... and my EU DVD (copied) is not working anymore.
Basically you could change to EU specs for 5-6K EUR. This might be better than trading in your US Specs. Only thing is then the double radio issue which can lead to increased servicing cost, but not expected more than 1 hour labor per service.
Request: Does anyone have a copied EU Navi Professional DVD and is it working? Mine no longer since the Dutch Software update...
Very interesting. So the dealer overwrote the software for your M3 with the Dutch/EU version and everything works fine with no hardware changes (except for you DVD map)? Does the audio system and the rest of iDrive work fine?

I'll be curious to see how the navi works once you have the new DVD loaded...maybe your traffic info will work then.

You might also want to try accessing the service menu for iDrive to see whether it has any additional settings with the EU software.

Thanks again for the updates!