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Originally Posted by TTBear View Post
Great idea!

Is there a difference between "Individual" colours, and "custom" colours? I believe the Individual colours are a fairly limited number of colours from which you can choose, if you live in an area that can avail of them??

Just my OCD tendencies coming out... pedantics, for sure, but is there a distinction? For example - Laguna Seca and Dakar Yellow - are they truly "Individual" colours, or simply colours that were custom ordered?

Every color that's not a standard color for a specific series is considered being an Individual color. The reason behind is that the Individual GmbH is responsible for that business. Though there are different types of Individual colors: Some are "standard" colors offered from Individual (like Azurite Black or Moonstone), some are colors that are available because they were used in a former series (like Dakar Yellow) which are more expensive and, lastly, some are real custom colors (most expensive).

So, even strictly speaking, all of these are Individual colors.

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